Dublere Morey-Saint-Denis Les Blanchards 1er Cru

Dublere Morey-Saint-Denis Les Blanchards 1er Cru

Art. Nr.: N167511
Jahrgang 2011
Inhalt 0.75 l
Land Frankreich
Region Burgund
Hersteller Dublere
Weinart rot
Alkohol 13.0 % vol
Sulfite Enthält Sulfite
Allergene Kann Spuren von Eiweiß, Milch und Gelatine enthalten.
Hersteller Ort Savigny-lés-Beaune

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Gewicht: 1.5 kg

Its color is usually a full, firm, bright ruby, carmine or intense

garnet with purplish highlights. The bouquet is partly of

black fruits (blackcurrant, bilberry) and partly of red, pitted

fruits such as cherries. Variants include bramble, violet,

liquorice, and fruits conserved in liquor. When older it often

evokes the « wildwood » scents of game, leather, and moss,

even trufle. Sustained and structured, this wine lingers in

the mouth without linching - it has just the right balance

between body and fruit. With its rounded tannins and mouthfilling

generosity, it sings tenor, so to speak, in the Burgundian



Maturation: Between 5-15 years


Serving suggestions: Masculine in character, as one expects

from the Côte de Nuits, full and powerful in the mouth, red

Morey-Saint-Denis is most at home with meats of equally

strong flavours. Its tannins are more likely to bring out the

best from a game bird (such as a pheasant) than a piece of

veal, for example. Feathered game, braised or roasted, will

succumb smoothly to its meaty texture, and its sustained

tannins will continue to make their presence felt until the

last succulent, musky mouthful. The tannins, again, will

bring out the full quality of a fine rib steak or a nice thick

beef blade. Soft-centred cheeses will find in this wine a

compatible partner.


Serving temperature: 14 to 16°C


Vinification: After a rigorous selection process, the grapes are

put in fermenting tanks without pumping. The “cuvaison” is

fairly long – between 18-21 days – during which the wine is

pumped over or has the cap punched down at least twice

daily to extract color, tannins and aromas. After pressing, the

wine is cooled and allowed to settle for 3-4 days. It is put in

small oak barrels – which have all had one wine matured in

the them – by gravity, with a fair amount of fine lies to feed

the wine during maturation. After maturing for 18-20 months,

the wine is carefully racked off and assembled for bottling

without fining or filtration.