A special moment for Champagne Pierre Péters

Rodolphe Péters: "2007 is a special vintage for me, because it's the year I took over the Domaine. So, 2007 is the first vintage I've 100% operated and controlled while I was only involved in the winemaking before, even I was responsible for the choices of the blends. But also the weather history of 2007 is singular. In sum, I would have to say that it's a "early vintage with a cold character". The season saw summer conditions in March and April, followed by a fall weather until the mid of August. From our side, we started to pick-up on August 31, when the first growers began on August 26. One of the only 3 harvests that began in August since 50 years. The balance of the juices was quite low sugar and high acidity. The type of vintage that has builded the reputation of Champagne and great "cold" vintages like 1975, 1979, 1985, 1988.

About Les Chétillons, let me say the wine is still impacted by the quality of his terroir and our massale, always builded around the same wide range of aromas (White flowers, fresh almonds, tangerine, safran, ripe pears, iodine and smoke), but with a taste which is based on wonderful lines of tart and bitter (salt, chalky minerality, citrus peel and hazelnuts), giving the wine a great tension.

Something close to the quality and character of the recent 2004. 2007 is on the way for a long aging but with the immediate generosity of Les Chétillons…

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